Crown and Bridge

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If a large amount of any given tooth or an area of teeth have been damaged to the point where they need to be fully replaced, crowns and bridges are one of the most cost-efficient and long-lasting options on the market.

There is a big difference between a bridge and a crown, but you can rest easy knowing that the elite team of dental experts here at Essentially Pure Dentistry is here to help you get the smile you have always dreamed of.


When a tooth is too damaged or is completely missing, we recommend a full dental implant and crown. By doing this, we can easily stop any more damage being don’t to the rest of your mouth while ensuring the durability and overall aesthetic of all of your teeth. We start by fully removing the damaged area and cleaning the affected zones. This ensures that the decay or damage is fully removed before we add your new crown.

We then prepare the site by implanting a dental implant that rests in your tooth’s natural socket to create the perfect angle and line for your jaw. We then add a custom-made crown to the top of that dental implant to perfectly match the rest of your teeth. Your crown will be a perfect match both in color and in size to your natural teeth, making it all but unrecognizable from your natural teeth. Make sure that you are following proper dental hygiene and that you talk to your dentist about how to best maintain your dental crown.


Dental bridges are used to fill a gap of multiple missing teeth. Bridges use multiple dental implants in order to fill a larger gap in your mouth, giving you the look and feel of completely natural teeth. Overall, the process is very similar to dental crowns. We first clean the area and remove any damaged material, then move on to installing your implants and finally attaching your bridge. Dental bridges are extremely durable and can easily last for years with little to no maintenance.

Dental crowns and bridges can help with a wide variety of issues including:

  • A crown can cover and secure a tooth that has cracked or chipped.
  • A darkened or discolored tooth that doesn’t respond to whitening treatments will look bright, smooth, and polished after a crown is added.
  • A dental bridge will fill in spaces caused by lost or extracted teeth.
  • A crown will shore up a tooth that is vulnerable after root canal therapy.


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