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When we think of dentures, most of us think about the elderly and old-fashioned dentures sitting in a glass overnight to clean. The reality is that dentures have come a long way over the past few decades, and they can do everything from filling a gap of just a few missing teeth to giving you a full new set of teeth.

Over time, many of us will lose our teeth due to a wide variety of factors from age to diseases and decay. As these teeth fall out, they create weak spots in your mouth’s natural defenses, putting the rest of your teeth in danger from bacteria and other forms of decay. In order to protect the rest of your teeth, you need to fill the gaps created by these lost teeth with either a dental implant or a set of dentures.

Modern dentures are comfortable, subtle, and very natural looking. We work to create a perfect color match between your teeth and your new dentures, making it almost impossible to tell the difference between your natural teeth and your dentures. Dentures come in all shapes and sizes, but most fall into two categories: full dentures, and partial dentures.

Full Dentures

If you have no remaining healthy teeth, full dentures are the best option for you. Our elite dental staff begins by taking detailed measurements and creating a full model of the patient’s jaws. Once these initial measurements are taken, our team then builds a custom-made set of dentures perfectly tailored to fit your mouth. These dentures will give you the freedom to speak clearly, eat your favorite foods, and smile with confidence knowing that your teeth look perfectly beautiful.

It is important to practice good oral hygiene and to properly take care of your dentures throughout your life. If you brush your gums, tongue, and palate every day with a soft-bristled brush, your mouth will remain healthy and clean. Dentures that haven’t been properly taken care of will warp and change shape over time, causing you discomfort and even becoming unwearable. Make sure that you follow your dentists’ denture care regiment thoroughly and your dentures should easily last years or even decades.

Partial Dentures

If you still have some healthy teeth or just need a slight gap filled between teeth, partial dentures are perfect for you. Partial dentures are extremely effective and strong, especially when they are anchored by healthy teeth on either side, and are completely removable, making them easy to clean and maintain. Partial dentures are usually affixed to your jaw using a series of metal framework called a fixed bridge.

It is extremely important for you to have any missing teeth replaced as soon as possible as missing teeth can actively speed up bone loss in your remaining teeth, weakening them to a critical level. Partial dentures are affordable, comfortable, easy to clean, and painless.


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