Laser Dentistry

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One of the biggest fears most people have with the dentist is the nasty sounds made by some of the more intimidating looking tools dentists use. From scraping off plaque with metal tools to the sounds of dental drills, the tools associated with dentistry can be intimidating for people who are already afraid of getting work done on their teeth.

Here at Essentially Pure Dentistry, we get around these fears by using cutting-edge laser dentistry to remove and alter hard and soft tissues in our patients’ mouths.

Lasers are mostly used to help with issues with soft tissues like gums to provide superior results and visibility for the dentist throughout the procedure. Lasers also allow us to make aesthetic changes when reshaping gum tissue to make your mouth look as natural and normal as possible. These lasers are so precise that they can be used to treat ulcers and cold sores in even the hardest to reach places. If you have periodontal disease, gum infections, or infected gum lining, lasers can not only help alleviate the pain of these issues but actively promote recovery.

Laser treatment is less painful, less invasive, and causes substantially less swelling than traditional methods. We can even use lasers to expedite simple treatments like teeth whitenings, restorations, and even detecting tooth decay.


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