Root Canal

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A root canal, or endodontics, is a set of specialized procedures designed to treat and remedy issues in the soft nerve tissue inside the tooth. When done properly, this procedure should be no more painful than a simple filling.

Root canals have a bad reputation. We’ve heard everything from root canals causing minor discomfort to being more painful than childbirth, but the people saying this oftentimes haven’t had root canals for decades. If you need a root canal done, it is extremely important that you choose the right dentist for the job. These procedures can actually be very quick and painless if done by the experienced hands of a master dentist.

Root canals are performed with an infection or inflammation is affecting the pulp tissue in the center of your tooth. This tissue can be extremely sensitive as it is made of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerve cells. An infection in this pulp tissue can become of the most excruciating dental pain a person can experience, and if left untreated, it can cause an extremely painful loss of the whole tooth. You could also develop dental abscesses, or experience shooting pain all across your body.

Make sure that if you notice any tooth pain emanating from the center of your tooth that you talk to your dentist immediately. The earlier an infection is caught, the easier and less painful the root canal will be. Other signs of issues with your tooth pulp can include constant severe dental pain, noticeable swelling in your gums, and extreme dental sensitivity. For most patients, any residual pain from the infection and treatment will subside in a short matter of days. Many patients report having a noticeable drop-off of pain the moment they have a root canal done, sighting the procedure as one of the best sources of pain relief they have ever experienced.


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