Young woman smiling with perfect teeth and Dental Sealants

One of the most common causes of cavities in both children and adults are small grooves in your teeth that allow bacteria to congregate and grow. That bacteria becomes extremely hard to reach by traditional methods like toothbrushes as the bristles tend to glide over these small grooves instead of actually getting in and cleaning the area.

In order to properly protect your teeth from potentially dangerous bacteria, many dentists use plastic sealants to block bacteria from entering these small grooves.

How Dental Sealants Work

Our sealant process begins with a thorough teeth cleaning, ensuring that there is no remaining bacteria or food trapped underneath the sealant itself. We then prepare the area with an application solution to ensure that the sealant sticks strongly to the tooth. We then paint the sealant itself on the area, which dries in just one minute, making this one of the least invasive dental procedures. Dental sealants are extremely efficient, painless, and best of all; they have been proven to reduce tooth decay up 70%. Our sealant treatment is perfectly colored to match any tooth color and can easily last up to a decade.


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