Sleep Apnea Treatment

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common sleep issue that affects millions of Americans all across the nation. Essentially, sleep apnea is a breathing disorder that occurs when your body’s muscles relax during sleep and block or obstruct your airways.

This then leads to the reduction of airflow and even complete pauses in breathing that can last from 10-30 seconds. These 10-30 second periods are not only disruptive to your sleep, but it can lower your blood oxygen saturation levels to an extremely dangerous point.

Sleep apnea can be extremely dangerous. Your brain responds to the distinct lack of oxygen in your blood by temporarily waking up your body, energizing the muscles in your throat to allow for normal breathing. The sleep you get when you suffer from sleep apnea is far from restful. Most people who suffer from sleep apnea choose to use a CPAP machine in order to help their body breathe, but there are other ways to help your body get restful sleep.


Sleep apnea comes with a slew of visible symptoms, though if you sleep alone these symptoms can be hard to notice. The most easily recognizable symptom is when you wake up gasping for air after loudly snoring. This can happen hundreds of times over the course of a given night, causing extreme disruptions to your normal sleep schedule. If you notice gasping, loud snoring, choking, or snorting sounds when you or one of your loved ones is sleeping, make sure that you get checked out immediately.

No two cases of sleep apnea are entirely the same, and oftentimes the treatment plans for different patients varies wildly. Here at Essentially Pure Dentistry, we create fully customized treatment plans for each of our sleep apnea patients to get the best possible results in the shortest treatment times. Stop losing sleep and start feeling rested today with the sleep apnea treatment program here at Essentially Pure Dentistry.


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